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Teaching the next generation of leaders is an important mission of UC Davis and the NPB Department.

Courses I Teach

NPB 110A - Foundations 1: From Molecules to Individuals

Major concepts in cell biology with special emphasis on connections between cell biology and behavior. Includes: cellular metabolism, cellular sensing and signaling, membrane structure-function, molecular switches, electrical and chemical signaling, endocrine signaling, cell cycle and differentiation, cytoskeleton, and integrative examples.

EXB 110 - Exercise Metabolism

Exercise metabolism, with emphasis on skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle metabolism during activity and inactivity. Basics of bioenergetics, substrate utilization, and cell signaling; mechanisms that regulate these properties, and differences between skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle metabolism.

NPB 101 - Systemic Physiology

Systemic physiology with emphasis on aspects of human physiology. Functions of major organ systems, with the structure of those systems described as a basis for understanding the functions.

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