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Gomes Lab Wellness

The UC-Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, suggests that happiness has six major components:


friendship        -           Social connectedness

gratitude         -           Lifestyle behaviors

forgiveness     -           Sense of self

exercise           -           Physical health

mindfulness    -           Emotional health, Spirituality or religiosity, Finances, Meaning and

                                     purpose, Exploration and creativity, Stress, and resilience

compassion    -           Sense of self


In the lab, we try to address wellness by focusing on friendship, physical, and mental health.

Labfit is a new program where the lab does 15 minutes of exercise as a group at least twice a month. No videos are allowed, and everyone is welcome, including people who describe themselves as having “two left feet.”


Mental Wellness is important – it you don’t take care of yourself; you cannot reach anywhere near your full potential.


Click this link for a good video about confronting the stigma that you shouldn't take care of your mental health



Another good video on the tale of mental struggles by a prominent scientist

Relax and watch how beautiful nature is in the video above

We all long for a sense of well-being. We have all bought things that are supposed to improve our wellness or happiness. However, statistics suggest that most people are not happy with their lives.