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Gomes Lab Wellness

We all long for a sense of well-being. We have all bought things that are supposed to improve our wellness or happiness. However, statistics suggest that most people are not happy with their lives.

Relax and watch how beautiful nature is in the video above

The UC-Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, suggests that happiness has six major components:


friendship        -           Social connectedness

gratitude         -           Lifestyle behaviors

forgiveness     -           Sense of self

exercise           -           Physical health

mindfulness    -           Emotional health, Spirituality or religiosity, Finances, Meaning and

                                     purpose, Exploration and creativity, Stress, and resilience

compassion    -           Sense of self





In the lab, we try to address wellness by focusing on friendship, physical and mental health.

Labfit is a new program where the lab does 15 minutes of exercise as a group at least twice a month. No videos or photographs are allowed, and everyone is welcome, including people who describe themselves as having “two left feet.”


Mental Wellness is important – if you don’t take care of yourself; you cannot reach anywhere near your full potential.

Resources on how to strengthen your emotional, psychological, and social well-being.


Click this link for a good video about confronting the stigma that you shouldn't take care of your mental health


Another good video on the tale of mental struggles by a prominent scientist

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